Business Advisory Projects

  • Provided political risk analyses for major international gold mining firms in connection with direct investments in Latin America
  • Currently advising a major US non-governmental organization on health policy advocacy issues in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Led financial restructuring of a thermal power plant in Latin America for a major US utility
  • Advised large US utilities on direct investments in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Advised a major US university on the implementation of a regional fisheries conservation project in Central America
  • Counseled a US industry leader on trade issues related to the negotiation of the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
  • Advised a leading producer of organic fertilizers on a market strategy for direct investment in Latin America
  • Advised a Tennessee company on investments in clean energy in Central America

Security Projects

  • Currently working with the Syrian political opposition on security sector reform issues in a transitional government
  • Authored an analysis on the Arab Awakening in the Middle East for a leading Washington, DC think tank
  • Authored an analysis of the Afghan National Police post-2014 for a leading Washington, DC think tank
  • Advised the Egyptian National Police on international security cooperation
  • Advised a private US firm on a police reform program in Tajikistan
  • Managed US security and defense cooperation with a major NATO ally
  • Negotiated US base rights agreements with a NATO partner
  • Lectured widely on conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction issues

We specialize in advising companies and private organizations on the full spectrum of issues related to doing business internationally.